Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

I have a Diploma in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes from the University of Bristol.

I write personally, and I know that I feel better when I write. I aim to write about the different areas of my life, work, studies, relationships and so on and use different ways of expressing myself – journaling, mind maps, poetry and flow writing for example.

I run workshops and have worked with individuals, couples and groups. Creative writing can enhance our sense of wellbeing, and it can help people experiencing low self confidence or emotional difficulties enormously. Writing is perceived as a solitary activity, but in a group there can be a very supportive framework for sharing and belonging.

The benefits of creative writing are that it can help people explore a range of issues in different ways – creatively, imaginatively, playfully. Writing can also raise self awareness and self knowledge leading to greater confidence. Participants can also develop a greater understanding of their strengths. Writing in a group can be very powerful as it leads to a sharing which can create strong bonds, a team spirit, ethos, purpose and focus.

I believe that writing can be a great help to everyone feeling the stresses and pressures of life today, and can be an oasis in our busy lives.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, and about the costs, please contact me.

Feedback from clients:

  • Being led by someone who has experience in this painful field instantly made a trusting connection possible
  • Meeting other people in my situation was overwhelmingly positive
  • The creative writing group was a great experience. I’ve never done this before and found it enormously liberating
  • Protective environment with very gentle approach to expressing feelings by writing
  • The friendly, open approach and feeling included from the start
  • Clear boundaries, good pace, well judged interventions, a good variety of activities
  • Very accessible and relevant
  • Good to evaluate how you cope with stress
  • Felt could take risks, felt part of group and valued
  • Presentation excellent – good modelling and sharing
  • Good content – very relevant in terms of personal and professional capacity.
  • Excellent – felt extremely safe – extremely supportive atmosphere/ethos quickly developed.
  • Really enjoyed it – will use ideas for self, work, family and friends.
  • Inclusive, careful and respectful approach – safe space created & very engaging